Paradise sold.

The Daintree rainforest is one of the oldest remaining rainforest systems in the world. Back in the 80’s  parcels of this invaluable Daintree rainforest were sold off to developers for private gain. These parcels of precious forest had become available realestate for those wanting a piece of paradise.

Not for profits fill the void.

Since then with both the work of the current QLD government and not for profit organisations like Rainforest 4 Foundation, the Daintree is being brought back to its traditional owners through charitable donations from donors. Values of parcels vary, but you can purchase a hectare for approximately $25K which makes it within reach of a long term buy back strategy – if your mission is to save one of our most precious natural assets from development!

Kelvin Davies founded the Rainforest 4 Foundation to deliver outcomes for wildlife, climate, people, and the planet through purchasing land, creating new protected areas, stopping and reversing the impacts of development, and restoring rainforest ecosystems damaged in the past.

A new breed of explorer conservationists.

Enter We are Explorers. They are a digital publisher that boasts over 1.3 million 24 – 44 year old adventure seekers. Their premise is enjoying the natural beauty of nature and what better opportunity was there than to materialise this value with the purchase of a block of rainforest for the enjoyment of future explorers. And a way to generate a tonne of goodwill amongst their audiences through a shared crowdfunding mission to save a hectare of rainforest!

We are Explorers | About us

Living and travelling responsibly, we strive to leave the world a better place than when we found it.

We are enviromental custodians who celebrate and protect our wild places.

Uniting, inspiring and facilitating the explorer within us all to discover adventure on their doorstep.

We’re an inclusive community of microadventurers.

Seeding a rainforest.

Verse pitched the partnership and shared the concept with both organisations and the capable team at We are Explorers and Rainforest 4 Foundation had the internal capability to execute this idea seed into a hectare of rainforest saved!

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